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  • I wanted to take the time to thank you for all that you did to get us to a final agreement last night. I was awestruck by your ability, as well as the Judge's, to maintain focus and drive the process forward even when I was hitting the wall and the hours droned on. I am truly sorry for starting to come undone. As much as I tried to avoid it, I think the ...

  • Divani Nadaraja recently represented me in executing a messy divorce agreement. There were complications from the beginning of this enforcement. Divani used creative strategies to come up with a solution that best worked to my advantage. She worked within her boundaries, but was able to get what I was owed. Divani used her insight and pulled from the ...

  • Al and his team have provided the most professional and proactive approach to my case. The level of communication was perfect, walking that fine balance of ensuring that everything is accomplished and watching how the money is spent. They were always at least two or three steps ahead of the pack ensuring that we were prepared for everything that was coming ...

  • Please thank Mr. Bonin for his support late last year. He went above and beyond to provide me with the information that I needed in simple terms, and was creative in providing a plan that would be most affordable to me. I will highly recommend him.

  • I sought a divorce and soon learned that the legal actions would have to take place in Virginia where my wife lived rather than the state where I lived. I was referred to Al Bonin and am pleased to report an excellent working relationship resulted. Despite several conflicts, steady progress toward a solution and equitable settlement was achieved. I was ...

  • Al Bonin and Molly Garrett assisted me during a trying and lengthy custody evaluation involving elementary-aged school children. I do not know how I would have handled the many twists and turns, ups and downs of this emotional roller coaster without their wise, thorough, and expert counsel. It was apparent to me from the first time I met Al Bonin that he had ...

  • Currently Molly Garrett is representing me while I go through a divorce. I wanted to take this opportunity to pass along my thoughts. She is fantastic. We entered into an agreement with my ex very quickly because of her expertise. Also, she brought things to my attention I would have never thought about. She is always so quick to respond. The time stamps are ...

  • I'm so thankful for my lawyer, Roberta K. Henault. If anyone is getting divorced in Northern Virginia, I highly recommend her. Divorce is a quagmire, and she was knowledgeable and capable, and it was such a relief to know I had her looking out for my best interests. She gave me good advice and had a good sense of what I could expect. I never felt that she ...

  • ShounBach is a world class law firm. Al Bonin represented me through a difficult experience with a pragmatic approach, utmost professionalism and complete honesty. Going through a divorce is not easy, but Al guided me in a manner that encouraged me to focus beyond the divorce - it was one of the best things he could have done for me. I will always be ...

  • I reached out to SHOUNBACH for legal representation for custody and visitation cases. So thankful I did! Sarah Knapp has provided me with an legal counsel on a number of different appearances and is a pleasure to work with. Sarah was honest, professional, and kind. She got to know my situation thoroughly, let me know my options and possible outcomes, and ...

  • Sarah Knapp represented me in my 2015 divorce. From our first conversation, Sarah listened to me and provided a steady voice in some trying times. She took the time to explain the process, what I should and should not do, and what to expect throughout the divorce. Each time I met with her or exchanged emails she made me feel as if I was her most important ...

  • I retained ShounBach to prepare a property settlement agreement and to process my divorce documents through the appropriate County Circuit Court in Virginia. I am exceedingly satisfied and indebted to ShounBach for its handling of my family matter. My case was complicated because my ex-spouse is not a U.S. citizen and lives abroad. Nevertheless, Al Bonin was ...

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Northern Virginia Family Law Attorneys

Virginia Family Law Information Center

Family law can be very complicated, with countless laws relating to numerous practice areas. As a result, it is important for anyone facing a domestic relations case to be represented by an attorney with extensive experience and access to resources. As one of the largest family law firms in Virginia, ShounBach is able to provide family lawyers with a wide range of experience, as well as solid training. Our Northern Virgina divorce lawyers are experienced in handling cases in each of the following practice areas:


When a party is having a sexual relationship with someone other than their spouse, it may be grounds for a fault based divorce. The party filing a divorce on grounds of adultery will need to include in the divorce complaint the date(s), location(s) and with whom the other spouse has had sexual relations.


When one party unilaterally decides to move out of the marital home they may be considered to have deserted the home or marriage. This is a fault ground which will allow the other party to file for divorce and have the opportunity to seek temporary and permanent spousal support and a determination on issues related to custody, visitation and child support.

Custody Evaluations

If parties are unable to reach agreements on custody and visitation, it is possible to have the court order a custody and visitation evaluation to be conducted by a trained professional. The evaluator will provide advice and recommendations on custody and parenting time and may perform psychological testing.

High Net Worth Cases

Representing the wealthy presents unique challenges, and often requires specialized knowledge of the various trusts utilized by wealthy individuals. The attorneys at ShounBach are experienced with the valuation and division of complex business and/or property interests, and estates with large net worth. Contact one of our many attorneys at ShounBach with experience in this area.

International Matters

Whether the parties live in different countries or have assets abroad, the attorneys at ShounBach can help you resolve your family law matters.

Interstate Matters

Whether the parties live in different states, or own assets in a state other than Virginia, the attorneys at ShounBach can provide the representation you need to resolve your family law matter.

Military, Retirement, Survivor Benefit Plans

A federal statute, the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act, permits a state in divorce proceedings to award a share of a military service member’s retired pay to the member’s spouse.

Virginia courts may also order a military service member to name his or her ex-spouse as beneficiary of the military survivor benefit plan (SBP). Many other federal statutes and regulations govern the rights afforded to former spouses of military personnel with respect to medical, commissary and exchange policies.

The nature and extent of a military spouse’s rights will vary depending on the length of the couple’s marriage while the member was on active duty.

U.S. Government Pension and Retirement Benefits

U.S. Government employees or retirees, and their spouses, have rights and benefits available to them either under the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) or the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), as well as with respect to Thrift Savings Plan (similar to private (401(k) plans) and survivor benefits. U. S. Government pensions are divisible at divorce in essentially the same manner as private pensions.

Juvenile Court

For unmarried parents, or married couples separated but not yet seeking a divorce, ShounBach can help you reach a resolution or obtain a cCourt order on matters of custody, visitation, child and spousal support through a Juvenile Court action. Contact the experienced attorneys at ShounBach to find out how they can help.

Protective Orders

If you or your child is fearful for their life and/or safety, contact ShounBach to find out whether grounds exist to seek a protective order.

Contempt/Rule to Show Cause

If a party is not complying with a court order, contact ShounBach to find out how to obtain an order compelling a party to abide by that order.


Court orders and/or agreements related to custody, visitation and child support are subject to modification based upon a material change of circumstances. Spousal support may also be modifiable depending on the provisions of a prior agreement or court order. Court orders related to property division are generally non-modifiable, but it may depend on the specific provisions of a prior agreement or court order.

Settlement Agreements

In an effort to resolve some or all issues involving matters of property, custody, visitation, spousal support, child support and attorney’s fees, parties can sign a written agreement that they intend to be binding and made enforceable as a court order. Parties need not have grounds for divorce or be separated to enter into these Agreements.

Attorney’s Fees

The court in a divorce or juvenile actions may award attorney’s fees to one party or the other. The basis for awarding fees varies between the divorce and juvenile courts. Contact an attorney at ShounBach to learn more about how you can be awarded attorney’s fees in your family law matter.

Fault Based Divorces

If you have not been separated for the requisite period of time to file for a no-fault divorce, you may be able to qualify for a fault-based divorce. However, some of these grounds for divorce are difficult to prove, in which case it is beneficial to have a competent legal representative on your side to make sure your best interests are protected. In Virginia, there are four grounds for a fault-based divorce, as listed below:

  • Adultery, sodomy and/or buggery
  • Conviction of a Felony
  • Cruelty
  • Desertion

Same Sex Divorces

Virginia now recognizes same-sex marriage and consequently same-sex parties who are legally married can now file for divorce in Virginia.

No Fault Divorces

A no-fault divorce can be filed in one of two possible scenarios. The first is when the couple have lived separate and apart for one year. In Virginia, this is the most common ground for divorce. The second instance is when the couple have no minor children, have lived separate and apart for a period of six months, and have a signed agreement resolving all issues arising out of their marriage.

Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation occurs when one parent manipulates a child into showing unwarranted fear, disrespect or hostility towards the other parent. This manipulation can cause emotional harm to a child if left unchallenged. If you or someone you love is being subjected to parental alienation, contact one of the attorneys at ShounBach who have experience in dealing with these matters.

Mental Health Evaluations

The court on motion of either party can order one or both parties to undergo a mental health evaluation if a party’s mental health is at issue in matters related to custody and/or visitation.


Enmeshment usually occurs when the relationship between parties and child is without appropriate boundaries. This causes confusion for the child regarding the traditional responsibility and hierarchy of the parental-child relationship, with the parent embracing the child as more of a best friend than a parent. This confusion may lead to unrestricted behavior and a sense of false entitlement by a child. To learn more about enmeshment and how to deal with these behaviors, contact an attorney at ShounBach.

Fairfax Divorce Lawyer

For a Fairfax divorce attorney who has the knowledge and training to represent you in any of these practice areas, contact ShounBach today. As one of the largest family law-only firms in Virginia, our attorneys have over 200 years of collective legal experience, giving our firm the unique ability to provide tailored legal representation to meet your unique needs. If your case calls for aggressive litigator, we have attorneys with extensive courtroom experience who can provide you with vigorous representation and defense. We also have skilled Collaborative attorneys and mediators who can help you achieve a cooperative resolution. Find out more about our firm by calling our offices today.

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