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Most people think of divorce as a harsh, difficult, confusing, and ugly process. Sometimes this is the case, but it doesn't have to be. Calm and amicable settlements can be reached without going to court when two spouses seek to negotiate the terms of their settlement between themselves—not aggressively in court—with the advice and guidance of a mediation attorney.

Mediation is commonly considered to be one of the better and less destructive options versus divorce litigation. In general, litigation is more expensive, more aggressive, and is conducted before a judge in order for a decision to be made. Mediation tends to be less costly and is conducted between the two clients by a trained attorney mediator without a court hearing. Each spouse retains his or her own lawyer, who counsels them about their rights and options.

Through this process, assets are disclosed, evaluated and a fair distribution of finances and property is determined. Attorney mediators also assist in determining how the family can be restructured if children are involved. The entire process is often less damaging than litigation, especially with regard to custody and time sharing (visitation) issues.

Litigation is an aggressive method, and negative emotions such as anger and stress can run high throughout the process as a result. Once accusations and blame are thrown about in court testimony, those things cannot be "unsaid." The damage can impact your child's life long after graduation from high school. In addition, you can reach an enforceable agreement in mediation that is a creative solution to your family's particular issues. Judges are bound by the Virginia code and case law; in mediation, you are not bound by the same restrictions and you may be able to find a solution that better suits your family.

Excellent Mediation Attorneys in Your Area

Retaining a competent and trained divorce lawyer is the first step in succeeding with a fair divorce settlement through mediation, as well as in avoiding the necessity of divorce litigation. A Northern Virginia divorce attorney from ShounBach can provide you with the representation and counsel you need. Each of our lawyers has extensive legal training in family law and understands the intricate laws that apply to your divorce case.

We have lawyers who are trained mediators who can mediate your case. All of our attorneys have experience in representing clients in mediation. Our goal is to be with you every step of the way, ensuring that you are never lost or confused about how your case is being handled or what your next step is. If you are looking for a divorce lawyer to counsel and guide you throughout your mediation process, call our offices and schedule a consultation today.

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