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If you are experiencing marital problems with your spouse and are searching for a solution that doesn't involve divorce, then separation may be right for you. The process of obtaining legal separation can be legally complex, and it is wise to enlist the help of a Fairfax divorce lawyer before you begin. A separation in Virginia can mean two different things because Virginia does not have "legal separation" as other states do. Virginia laws do not require you and your spouse to obtain a signed, legal document that identifies you as being legally separated.

Instead, all that is required of couples who wish to separate in Virginia is that they simply must stop living together as a married couple and at least one spouse must have the clear intention of ending the marriage in the future. A legal separation does not require the agreement of both spouses. It is not even necessary that you and your spouse stop living in the same house, although in many situations this is the resulting effect of separation.

Northern Virginia Separation Lawyer

If you and your spouse do not have the option of living in separate homes during the course of your separation period, an in-home separation may be possible. Some of the most popular reasons for seeking in-home separation include financial considerations and concerns about the wellbeing of children. Before you proceed with seeking an in-home separation from the court, you should consult an experienced lawyer at ShounBach.

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