Permanent Spousal Support

Permanent Spousal Support

Northern Virginia Spousal Support Attorney

As the conditions of a divorce are established, a very pertinent issue to both spouses involved is that of support payments that may or may not be needed during and after the procedures involved in an ending a marriage. In some cases, temporary support may be needed during the intermediate time between a divorce filing and the final termination of a marriage. In these cases, alimony or maintenance is sufficient in providing one spouse with the financial support they need when making the transition from life as a married couple to life as a single, self-supported individual. However, for others, further support will be needed beyond the temporary fix that alimony and maintenance offer. When this is the case, a Virginia divorce attorney can help you establish permanent spousal support payments.

Permanent spousal support payments can be made in a number of ways, as determined by the court system. The conditions of a permanent support agreement will automatically terminate upon death or remarriage of the spouse currently receiving the payments. However, exceptions to this can be accounted for when both parties agree to it. Among the options available to divorcing couples to whom supportive needs are required are:

  • Periodic payments for a limited duration of time
  • Periodic payments for an undefined duration of time
  • Lump sum payment
  • Any combination of the aforementioned options

Determining Permanent Spousal Support in Northern Virginia

As the courts review the circumstances specific to your relationship, they will determine how spousal support will be awarded. Included in their assessment and determination will be factors such as the earning capacity of each spouse, the property interests of each spouse, the age and mental conditions of each spouse, the duration of the marriage, and more. These are factors that are considered after the court has officially deemed spousal support necessary; as such, they are used as a means to determine exactly how much money should be paid from one spouse to another once they are no longer together.

At ShounBach we are here to help our clients obtain a comfortable lifestyle in the wake of their divorce. Whether this means taking aggressive action to ensure that one spouse is provided with the appropriate amount of spousal support, or it means negotiating on behalf of a spouse who feels they should be permitted to pay a minimal amount, we are here to help. Together, our firm has more than two centuries of legal experience under our belts, and together we can help you file for divorce and obtain the permanent spousal support you need to live comfortably away from your spouse.

To have an attorney from our firm begin working on the establishment of permanent spousal support for your case, contact a Northern Virginia spousal support lawyer today.