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Few of challenges one can face in their life are as painful or upsetting as a divorce or family law issue. Not only can there be great financial matters at stake, but relationships with loved ones and children can also hang in the balance. That is why, at ShounBach, we are completely dedicated to serving those in the Fairfax community who are facing divorce, adoption, and an array of other issues that stand to bring dramatic changes to their family and future. This what our firm has been doing for more than four decades and continues to do for each and every client that comes through our doors.

If you and your family are facing a legal matter you need to place in trusted hands, then we invite you to call us at ShounBach today.

Comprehensive Areas of Practice

The ShounBach team has an unparalleled 200+ years of collective family law experience. Over that time, our attorneys have effectively handled countless cases and assisted families resolve all manner of legal issues.

Just some of the matters the ShounBach team is prepared to handle include:

No matter what your family law or divorce issue might be, our team has the experience, understanding, and legal knowledgeable to help you and your family come to the swiftest and most amicable conclusion possible.

Serving the Fairfax, Virginia Community

At ShounBach, we know how overwhelming and stressful divorce and other legal complications can seem—and how efficient, thorough solutions can be streamlined and facilitated by a skilled Fairfax divorce attorney. We have done this for the Fairfax community time and time again, and have committed our firm to the standard of excellence that has helped better the lives of our family law clients since we were founded decades ago.

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